About us

GebouwNbeheer is part of VDNDP, a recognized architectural firm based in Zaandam and Enschede. VDNDP has built up experience in the use phase of real estate over the past 15 years. Thus, we developed a lot of knowledge in the field of digitization, inspection and sustainability.

With gebouwNbeheer we answer the growing demand for smart (digital) solutions in the field of management and maintenance and the task of sustainability. 

GebouwNbeheer consists of a passionate group of people who enjoy looking at things just that little bit differently. We enjoy getting to grips with the technical and practical challenges you face as a property owner, building manager or facility or asset manager. 

We help you get the information and resources you need to manage buildings as efficiently and smartly as possible. And do what it takes to innovate real estate and make it future-proof.

In doing so, we use 3D BIM models and the knowledge and expertise we have accumulated at VDNDP

Together we make work of your existing real estate.